History and Meaning of Pink Roses

History and Meaning of Pink Roses
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The Origin of Pink Roses

The pink rose is one of the oldest, but most popular, roses known to man. Evidence suggests that pink roses have been in existence for over 40 million years, which was supported by fossils that had traces of pink roses inside.

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Pink Roses have been portrayed in some of the most popular art pieces, again suggesting just how long they have been around. The Birth of Venus is a famous 15th century painting by Botticelli which depicts the goddess Venice standing in her shell being showered in light pink roses.

One of the most famous gardens in the world, China’s Imperial Garden, is known to have included pink roses for over 5,000 years. This garden of royalty till this day holds a variety of pink roses to admire!

The Meanings and Symbolism Found with Pink Roses

The pink rose is one of the most appealing roses of all as it is the perfect blend between the red and white rose. The color pink is known to give feelings of playfulness, sweetness, and romance. Pink roses make the perfect gift for mothers, daughters and friends because it’s not perceived to be romantic in the same way as red roses.

Just like it’s sweet appearance, pink roses can have a very sweet smell. Surprisingly, there are some pink rose varieties that have a spicy, sweet odor, but that’s not very common.

The variety of pink shades found in roses provides many options for those who want to express themselves with roses.

Light pink roses remind us of adoration, peace and gentleness, while medium pink roses are great for expressing love and appreciation with both friends and lovers. Dark pink roses express the most passion since their deeply pigmented petals elicit feelings of strong passion.

Lastly, pink roses are known to provide a sophisticated, classy appearance to any setting, which makes them perfect for decorating any home or office.  Since the color pink has come to also be associated with breast cancer awareness, pink roses also make a perfect gift for anyone who has conquered or is in the process of battling the illness.

If you’re not convinced that pink roses are perfect for what you’re looking for, you can learn about other types of pink flowers  or discover the meaning of other rose colors.



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