Meaning of Rose Colors

Roses are arguably one of the most popular flower types, but everyone wants to know what the meaning of each rose color is.  We’ve created a handy guide for you to answer the question, but also provide you with a bit more context about each rose color type.

Red Roses

Red roses recognized the world over as a symbol of love, beauty, passion and desire. These associations go back as far as the Greeks, who originally associated the red rose with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. The story states that when her love was wounded, she pricked her foot on the thorn of a white rose in her attempt to run to him. Her blood turned the rose red, in a symbol of romantic devotion and passion. The red rose was also very popular in 15th and 16th century England when it became the symbol of the newly crowned Tudor king.

Even though these are commonly given on Valentine’s Day, red roses can be used all year long as a way romantic way to express your love and passion for someone.


Pink Roses

Pink roses are a very versatile color when it comes to meaning. They symbolize happiness, admiration, love and gratitude. They have shown up in many great works of art over the centuries, often as a symbol of an emotion the artist is trying to convey. They were most popular in art and decorations in the Victorian era.

These roses make a fantastic gift to anyone you share romantic or non romantic love for as a way to show your appreciation or admiration.


White Roses

As far back as Greek mythology, white roses have been a symbol of innocence, purity, spirituality and reverence. Legend has it that white roses were created when Aphrodite rose emerged from the sea and all of the sea foam that fell from her body turned into white roses. In medieval times the white rose was associated with both the Virgin Mary, as well as the very popular house of York. The Yorks who used the symbol of a white rose for their house, fought for many years with the Lancastrians, who used the red rose as their symbol. Historians later called this feud The War of the Roses.

Since it is associated with purity, spirituality and even new beginnings, this color rose is commonly used for funerals, weddings and various religious ceremonies and gifts.


Orange Roses

Although the orange rose does not have the lengthy history of its relatives, it is still a beautiful flower that is sure to take the receivers breath away. Around the start of the 1900s, the people in England has been fascinated by roses for many years. They started to experiment with crossbreeding yellow roses and red roses to create an orange rose. This new color made it instantly popular with the public.

Since the orange rose is a crossbreed of the red and yellow rose, so is its meaning. Orange roses are the perfect gift to express happiness, gratitude, support or to give as a hint that you want a friendship to turn into something more.


Yellow Roses

During the 1700s when Europeans started traveling to the Middle East they discovered a new rose growing that they had never seen before and were automatically mesmerized by it. They brought these back and yellow roses immediately became the new must have flower for gardens and gifts.

Sometimes giving roses might cause some confusion on the end of the receiver as they try to interpret whether the gift is romantic or not. Yellow roses are the perfect gift to make sure there is no confusion, as they are known to symbolize friendship and appreciation.


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