21 Most Beautiful Green Flowers

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It’s not often that you will find a green flower. In fact, green is one of the rarest colors of flowers in the world – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t green flowers out there. If anything, having and growing a green flower is a unique opportunity and a stunning addition to the garden.

The reason why green flowers are rare is that pollinators like bumblebees are more attracted to bright colors. This is why nature has developed to produce more yellow or pink flowers, because pollinators are less likely to differentiate a green flower from its stem or leaves.

As a result of this, most green flowers have been hybridized or genetically modified to maintain their green flowerings.

If you’re looking for some green flowers to plant in your garden, or perhaps you’re just a plant enthusiast like us, here are the 21 most beautiful green flowers!

1. Green Hellebore

Green HelleborePin

Green hellebore (Helleborus viridis) is a perennial flowering plant that is completely poisonous – so probably not the best flower to keep in your garden if you have pets or kids!

This plant is within the buttercup family and is native to Central and Western Europe as well as England. These plants grow to around 2 ft high with the flowers appearing in Spring. The flowers feature five large green oval-shaped petals with a pointed tip. Within these petals are around seven to twelve smaller petals.

Green hellebore is found growing in chalk-based soil and limestone, which is why it is often considered a weed in America.

2. Green Zinnia

Green ZinniaPin

Green zinnias are a very rare and beautiful species of the Zinnia genus, which is part of the sunflower tribe in the daisy family. Zinnias are known for their range of colors, but the lime green ones are rare to find. There’s even a queen red lime zinnia that encompasses pink, rose, and chartreuse within one flower.

Queen lime zinnias (their official name) love to grow in warm summer months. They even continue to bloom in fall, which is why some gardeners love to grow these flowers as their garden begins to look slightly duller.

3. Green Gerbera

Green GerberaPin

Another genus within the daisy family, Green gerberas are rare compared to their white, orange, yellow, pink, and red siblings. Depending on where you live, these flowers can be perennial or annual, and they are certain to stand out in your garden.

Not only do green gerberas look beautiful in a yard, but they stand out wonderfully for pollinators as, unlike some green flowers, the flowers are easily distinguishable from the stems. This is because the flower’s color is usually a bright, light green.

4. Green Daylily

Despite its name, green daylilies aren’t actually lilies. Green daylilies have been bred by horticulturalists and garden enthusiasts, along with other unique colors including gold, lavender, and purple. As a result of this, it’s quite easy to find green daylilies!

These are perennial flowers that last about a day. Once the day is over, the flower will wither during the night to be replaced by another. This is why daylilies in general aren’t used for flower arrangements. Still, these are unique and gorgeous flowers that can brighten up any garden.

5. Green Carnation

Green CarnationPin

Most commonly worn during St. Patrick’s Day, carnations are one of the oldest flowers to have existed. They are believed to have originated in the Mediterranean area, but they have been cultivated for over 2,000 years so much that you can find them anywhere.

Green carnations are one of the many color variations of this flower, and they are oh-so-beautiful. The petals are fairly tightly compacted against one another to create a consistent, confident appearance. Carnations also carry a strong scent which pollinators are drawn to.

6. Green Gladiolus

Green GladiolusPin

Often called “Green Star”, these gladiolus are one of the most beautiful flowers on our list. The sturdy and tall stems feature impressive blooms of light green flowers, making them a stunning addition to a garden or flower arrangement.

What’s more, green gladiolus are surprisingly easy to grow. They should be planted in March or April when the soil begins to warm, and they love a lot of water. The flowers have a delicate and soft appearance, making them the epitome of “pretty”.

7. Jack in the Pulpit

Jack in the PulpitPin

Possibly one of the more unique flowers on our list, a Jack in the Pulpit is a herbaceous perennial plant that naturally grows in woodland areas. They are incredibly elegant flowers, looking slightly like a curly, tube-like leaf. These plants do look like they could belong in some alien film – all the more reason to grow them in your yard.

Jack in the Pulpits can also be planted indoors in acidic soil – just be warned that they can grow up to 3 ft tall!

8. Bells of Ireland

Bells of IrelandPin

Bells of Ireland, or Moluccella laevis, are an annual summer flowering plant native to parts of Europe and Asia, including Turkey and Syria.

These flowers look similar to foxgloves in their consistency and shape, except they are a light green! Bells of Ireland are fast growers that grow up to 1 meter with flowers blooming all the way around the stem.

These flowers are commonly found in flower arrangements to add some height differentiation. Interestingly, in the language of flowers, Bells of Ireland are said to represent luck – which is what gives them their apt name!

9. Green Roses

Green RosesPin

You read that right – green roses exist! Not only do green roses look lovely, but they’re a unique alternative to the standard red or pink roses that some gardeners are bored with.

The best part about green roses is that they are probably the most “natural” form of rose, as all roses have been genetically modified to retain their bright colors. It is suggested that green roses are one of the “original” roses, which is why they are a rare and special feature in a garden.

10. Green Trick Dianthus

Green Trick DianthusPin

Often called Sweet William, you are most likely to find a green trick dianthus in a cottage garden. These are unique plants that don’t look like the average flower with petals – though it is still a perennial.

Instead, the petals are very small and consistently placed to look like tiny, fluffy trees. This makes green trick dianthus a great “filler” flower in a garden or flower arrangement.

Green trick dianthus take a while to grow, so most gardeners plant the seeds in summer in time for the flowers to grow the next year.

11. Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidium OrchidsPin

Cymbidium orchids are the ideal way to turn your garden or house into a tropical oasis. These flowers, like all orchids, are most commonly used as ornamental plants for their gorgeous appearance. Surely something that beautiful can’t be real, right?

These orchids are best suited for indoor, cool environments as they don’t like the sun. This is why you will see them amongst house plants or in the center of a table.

12. Green Cockscomb

These are funky looking succulents. Green cockscomb is a small shrub with unique leaves and petals that technically doesn’t look like a flower, but it’s still a worthy contender on our list. Although, in winter and spring, you might see some small star-shaped yellow flowers.

Green cockscomb flowers are native to Africa and often eaten as a vegetable in South America, Mexico, Southeast Asia, tropical parts of Africa, and the West Indies. This plant is also used in various parts of traditional medicine.

13. Green Chrysanthemum

Green ChrysanthemumPin

Chrysanthemums never fail to make a garden or flower arrangement suddenly effortlessly beautiful. Native to East Asia and Northeast Europe, these perennial plants are very easy to grow and maintain. While they come in a variety of colors, there’s something really unique and refreshing about the green coloration.

The scent of these flowers is as fresh and uplifting as they look, making them an excellent flower for promoting pollinators into your garden.

14. Green Anastasia Spider

Green Anastasia SpiderPin

A type of chrysanthemum, Anastasia spider flowers are aptly named for the thin and long petals that resemble spider legs. Never fear – these plants aren’t going to terrify arachnophobes any time soon. Instead, these are soft flowers that look a bit like a disassembled green chrysanthemum.

These beautiful flowers are commonly found in flower arrangements such as wedding bouquets or table centerpieces.

15. Hydrangea Annabelle

Hydrangea AnnabellePin

Okay, so these flowers aren’t technically completely green, but they’re green enough to be on this list. Hydrangea Annabelle are beautiful flowers that are commonly found as “filler” flowers in a garden as they can grow so vastly.

While they mostly come in a white color, it is possible to find a green-white hydrangea Annabelle.

While they might look huge, the flowers are actually very small and gather into large heads to give the illusion of a large flower.

16. Green Tulips

Tulips are amongst the most popular flowers in the world for their simple beauty and straightforward maintenance. While they mostly come in red, pink, white, yellow, and purple, it is possible to find green tulips if you’re lucky.

Green tulips are beautiful for enhancing the colors of other flowers in a garden or bouquet. Sure, they can easily be the centerpiece if you want, but as the muted green color is so gentle, they are better suited for complimenting other bright flowers.

17. Angelica


The Angelica plant is the genus name for over 60 species of plants, all of which are a member of the parsley family. This is a flowering biennial that is edible and often referred to as “wild celery”.

While you can chop them up into salads, green Angelicas look stunning in a garden landscape if you’re wanting to achieve an area of wildflowers. Wildflowers also work brilliantly as filler plants in a garden.

18. Lady’s Slipper Orchid

Ladys Slipper OrchidPin

This special perennial is aptly named a “lady’s slipper orchid” for its unique shape that looks like a lady’s slipper (if you squint).

You can find these flowers in Canada and eastern North America as they love to grow in moist soil and shade. This means you can keep them in your home, provided you maintain the moisture of the soil appropriately.

These flowers come in a variety of colors, including orange and yellow or purple and white. The green ones are particularly fascinating – adding a subtle uniqueness to a garden or home.

19. Green Viridiflora

Green ViridifloraPin

Often known as the “China green rose”, viridiflora are a unique and old version of regular roses. They’re not beautiful in the same way as regular roses, however – instead, these flowers don’t actually grow petals and they are scentless. This is a great choice for the plant enthusiasts who enjoy uncommon flowers in their garden.

20. Mediterranean Spurge

Mediterranean SpurgePin

These are fun flowers that are certain to turn heads in any garden! Mediterranean spurge flowers are a low-maintenance, upright and compact shrub that features a bloom of small green flowers. This cluster of flowers is bright green – so bright that they often look neon.

As they are native to the Mediterranean, these flowers are virtually drought-resistant and will last years.

21. Lady’s Mantle

Ladys MantlePin

Lady’s mantle plants are a herbaceous perennial native to Southern Europe. These are low-growing border plants that work great as a filler flower in a garden, featuring small clusters of tiny green and yellow flowers. They work best when grown in large bunches to separate other larger and brighter flowers.

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