Pink Roses: Their Meaning & History

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Are you thinking of giving someone pink roses, but want to make sure that you know what they mean first? This handy guide will fill you in on their different meanings based on the shade of pink you choose.

Meaning of Pink Roses

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As you know, colors of roses can have many different meanings. In the same way, different shades of pink roses can send their own messages.

  • Dark Pink roses are a perfect was to say thank you.
  • Pale pink roses are a symbol of gentle admiration.
  • Medium pink roses have several meanings. They can represent first love and romantic intentions. But they also can say “congratulations”, “get well soon”, or “sorry for your loss.”
  • The number of roses given can also have specific meanings. A single pink rose conveys the message “I like you.” A dozen means “be mine.”

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History of Pink Roses

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Pink roses are actually some of the oldest known types of roses (I bet you guessed that it was going to be red).

Archaeologists found fossilized pink rose petals that were 40 million years old. The most common species of wild roses are pink. And, in fact, all rose varieties likely came from pink ancestors.

Here are a few more tidbits for you:

  • Historians have found pink roses in some of the earliest surviving visual depictions. One excellent example is the Minoan frescoes at Knossos which were dated to 1700 BC. The frescoes depict simple pink roses featuring five petals.
  • Napoleon’s Empress, Josephine Bonaparte had a particular fondness for roses. She collected over 250 varieties in her garden at Malmaison. Her garden featured many different pink rose varieties. Today we can see her beautiful collection in the watercolor book, Les Roses. The artist documented 117 varieties of rose blooms, many of them pink.


Still not convinced that pink roses are a perfect choice?  You can learn more about other pink flowers or discover the meaning of other roses.



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