Pansy Flower Meaning And Symbolism

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Pansies are some of the most mentioned flowers in the world, appearing in wide forms of literature, TV, and movies.

However, many people will have certain symbols and meanings in their heads when they see and think of the pansy. What are the symbolic meanings in the pansy language of flowers?

Follow our guide to find out more about the beautiful flower.

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What Do Pansy Flowers Look Like?

The pansy is a small flower that can be found growing in fields or gardens throughout the United States, frequently found in flower beds.

It has a very short stem with two to three leaves on it. The petals are usually white, but there are also pink, blue, red, orange, yellow, purple, and even black varieties.

They appear as single or double flowers, depending on the variety.

Because of the variety of flowers and variations, there can be many different meanings associated with the type of flower.

Growing to around four inches tall, the pansy has long been used for decoration, even appearing in art through paintings and sculptures worldwide.

In fact, the pansy was one of the first flowers that were grown commercially.

What Colors Are Pansies?

When looking at a pansy, you may notice that the petals look like they’re made up of several colors. This is because the perennial plant actually produces more than just one flower color.

There are typically five to seven different colors within each flower. As previously mentioned, these can come in a wide variety.

The most common color pansy is white, which many people may assume is the only color.

White Pansies

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White pansies have a certain meaning to a lot of people and that meaning is purity.

White is often seen as representing innocence and purity, especially when paired with other colors such as pink. This is because the white pansy has no other colors besides the pure white petals.

Pink Pansies

Pink pansies are another popular variety. These flowers have a bright appearance, making them perfect for any garden or field.

Pink pansies are often associated with love, romance, and friendship and are frequently seen around Valentine’s Day.

Red Pansies

This form of pansy is another popular choice among those who want something eye-catching.

Red pansies are often thought of as bold and strong, which makes them ideal for use in floral arrangements.

Many people wear red roses on Valentine’s Day to show their love for their significant others, much like with pink pansies.

Orange Pansies

These are another great option if you’re looking for a vibrant flower, with orange being one of the more eye-catching colors on a flower.

Orange pansies are often thought to represent happiness, fun, and energy. A lot of these are also symbolized by the sun, which is of similar colors when from Earth.

Yellow Pansies

Another common color in flowers is yellow. Yellow pansies are often thought about as happy and cheerful, as well as having a positive effect on your mood, similarly to orange pansies and other yellow types of flowers.

These are often bought and grown because of their symbolic meanings.

Purple Pansies

If you’re looking for an exotic flower, then purple pansies might be what you need. These plants are often thought of as mysterious and romantic, especially when combined with other colors.

If you’re looking for a special combination, then they work well with blue and black because of their dark tones.

Blue Pansies

If you’re looking for a flower that represents peace and tranquility, then blue pansies are probably what you should go for.

Blue pansies are often thought of as calming and soothing, which is why they’re so commonly found in gardens.

They are also thought to bring good luck and prosperity to those who are more superstitious.

Black Pansies

Black pansies are often thought out of place in a garden, but they do make for some interesting combinations.

Black pansies are often thought of in terms of death and mourning, but they can also be used to signify strength and courage.

Final Thoughts

After our guide, we’re hoping you love pansies as much as we do and understand that sometimes there is more to these flowers than meets the eye.

Because of the wide variety of colors and combinations, pansies can mean a lot of different things to many different people.

It tends to be that lighter colors of this beautiful flower are associated with positive flower symbolism.

The meanings of flowers are completely down to personal interpretation and they can affect people in different ways.

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