Yellow Roses: Meaning and History

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The use of yellow roses has been traced back to the Victorian era when the flowers were arranged in a particular way to convey secret messages. These arrangements are called Tussie-Mussies, and it is a tradition that still lives today. Keep reading to learn more about the meaning of yellow roses.

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Meaning of Yellow Roses

The color yellow is known to represent joy, peace, and a warmness that brings thoughts of sun rays. Red and pink roses are usually associated with love and passion, whereas you can share yellow roses for a variety of reasons, including friendship.  Yellow is not a romantic color – instead, it’s a great gift to give to friends or to cheer someone up.

These roses pair seamlessly with all colors and types of flowers and are perfect for all holidays either individually or in a beautiful bouquet. If you are looking for a flower to add to your arrangement but can’t figure out what it should be, the yellow rose can be your go-to-flower for any occasion.


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Origin of Yellow Roses

The history of roses goes far back. I mean far, far, far back to over 35 million years ago (according to fossil evidence)! At one point in time, they were only red and pink roses cultivated. Now there are over 150 species of roses that we have come to love. One of the most popular options we see now is yellow roses.

Yellow roses were first found growing wild in the Middle East in the 18th century.  Eventually, these cross-bred both naturally and unnaturally, resulting in various species of yellow roses being created.

This cross-breeding affected the smell of modern-day yellow roses. They tend to have a pleasing, sweet aroma, as opposed to the first ones, which were not very appealing. The first roses had an unpleasant smell that has been described as smelling like sulfur. Not something you’d want to give as a gift!

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