How to Care for Snake Plants

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The Snake Plant (also known as the Sansevieria) is super easy to care for, and that may be part of the reason they are so hard to find. If you are lucky enough to find one, below are some tips on how to care for them.

Watering your Snake Plant

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You want to make sure that your soil is completely dry between watering snake plants. Depending on the temperature in your home, humidity, and light you can water these ever 2-6 weeks. Try not to overwater your plants because they can rot out but other than that they are very easy to care for. If you travel a lot these are the perfect plant for you since you don’t need to water them often.


Air Quality and Light

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The Snake Plant can survive in the dry stale air in your home or office. They can even survive in the humidity of a bathroom! You should keep them out of direct sunlight because they can burn, however they can survive in any other type of light. If you want to create the perfect home for a snake plant, they prefer medium light the best.  Snake plants can also survive in just about every temperature except bitter cold. If you have them outdoors you may want to bring them inside when you notice snow or frosty conditions.

Soil and Fertilizer

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These plants are super low maintenance but they can have root rot that can kill them. You want to opt for a well-draining and fast soil. A good tip is to combine some potting soil and succulent /cactus mix. As far as fertilizing you can use some compost or an organic all-purpose houseplant feed.


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As you can see the Snake plant is super easy to care for, and on top of that they also have other great benefits. They are great for air purification because they can help filter out nitrogen oxide and formaldehyde! They are also fairly indestructible which makes them the perfect house plant for pretty much anyone.  If you’re tight on space, you might love our urban garden post.

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