White Roses: Meaning & History

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The white rose is one of the most versatile roses as it is a neutral color. Throughout time, we have seen white roses used to express love, politics, peace, sympathy and more.



Meaning of White Roses

The white rose is the most versatile rose color.  This flower is able to convey romance, appreciation, compassion and purity.  White roses look great in bouquets and arrangements since they pair well with other colors. You’ll find a lot of white roses combined with red and green flowers around Christmas.

White roses have become a very popular choice for weddings, because the color promotes thoughts of unity, sincerity and virtue during this important celebration.

While white roses make a fantastic gift, you can also use them to decorate your home if you want a simple and classic look.


History of White Roses

There is a popular legend told about the white rose, which describes it as  the first rose in existence.  The white rose turned red when it was tainted by blood, and after that event, many other rose colors came into existence.

A group of students and a professor from the University of Munich formed a non-violent resistance group called the White Rose in 1942. This group denounced the unfair and violent Nazi regime.

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Sending White Roses

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