How To Care For Orchids

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Orchids are stunning flowers, but perhaps you’ve never taken care of them before.  Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, you’ll love our simple tips for orchid care.


So, you’re interested in taking care of some orchids? Orchids can be as easy to care for as a regular houseplant. They do need different fertilizing and watering techniques. But have no fear, we have got you covered!


Watering Your Orchids

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You should water your orchids when you notice they are starting to get dry. Usually this happens every few days to every couple of weeks. You will need to take into consideration what kind of orchid you have. The conditions in your household may also need to be considered. Overwatering can cause your orchids to die. You can use your fingers to test the moisture. Stick your finger into the soil and remove. Rub your fingers together and you should feel if moisture is present. If you don’t it is time to water.


Using Potting Mix


The most common thing to see orchids in would be moss or bark. If you choose moss it will act like a sponge and take longer to dry out. If you are planting Cattleya or Phalaenopsis Orchids they need to dry out before watering. You may want to opt for bark. Bark can hold a little bit of water.

If you are planting Nun’s Orchids or Lady slippers they enjoy more of the moist side and will do better if you don’t let them go completely dry. They would do better with moss because it will provide them water for longer intervals between watering.  Orchids media will decompose over time especially if you are using bark. If using the bark option you should re-pot in new bark every year or two. To do this you would remove the orchid from the bark and clip off the dead roots. Once completed add them to fresh bark. You should also fertilize your orchids with water-soluble, quarter strength fertilizer every time you water.


Let There Be Light

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Your Orchids will do best when they aren’t in strong indirect light. Placing them in a windowsill may be too bright and hot. You can always add a sheer curtain to help filter some of that light. You should also mist your orchids daily or put them on a moist bed of gravel. This will help with the dry atmosphere of an air-conditioned home.


The Best Orchids to have for Beginners

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Are you horrible at taking care of plants? Well, we have some pretty easy ones for you.

The Nun’s Orchid, The Tropical Lady Slipper, and the Phaiocalanthe. They are the closest to a typical houseplant. It is hard to over water them and they need average light so you should be able to take care of these beautiful plants.

If you want a bit more inspiration, check out our list of different types of orchids.  For additional info you may also want to check out Wikipedia’s page about Orchids.

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