How to Water Succulents

succulent plants

Succulents are low-maintenance plants. Most people think you don’t need to water them much because of their high drought tolerance. However, they do need water. The trick is learning how much water a succulent plant needs, when to water them, and how. After all, these plants don’t survive if they are under-watered or over-watered. And …

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How to Care for the Cat Whiskers Plant (and its Health Benefits!)

orthosiphon aristatus

Known to scientists as the Orthosiphon aristatus, the cat whiskers plant is a member of the mint family that is often found near other plants that trail or mound when they grow. Cat whiskers typically grow to about two feet in height at full maturity, but under the right circumstances and with enough exposure to …

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11 Popular Cactus Flower FAQs

cactus flowers

We’ve answered your top 11 questions about cactus flowers, including the meaning, blooming, and more.   What are the flowers on a cactus called? The hair-like spikes or short prickles which are generally barbed that are found on the areoles of Cacti are called Glochids or glochidia. Cactus glochids easily detach from the plant and …

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