Fire Lilies (Lilium Bulbiferum)

lilium bulbiferum

Lilium Bulbiferum is the scientific name for the orange lily, also known as the fire lily. Bulbiferum is a Latin word that means “bearing bulbs”. Lilium is their genus, where we get the word “lily”. They can grow almost anywhere, they’re found in parks, meadows, forests, on the side of the road, and of course …

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Most Poisonous Flowers and Plants Parents and Pet Owners Should Know About

blue larkspur

You may not know it, but certain flowers and plants actually have a pretty good reason for being poisonous to those who come within their proximity. Much like small or defenseless mammals and other creatures in the wild, some plants and flowers contain toxins as a means to keep themselves safe from those who might dare to touch them, pluck them, or uproot them from their forest or tropical homes.

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20 of the Best Garden Tools for 2022


If you love to garden, you know that you can never have too many tools.  From cultivating tools to garden hoes, spades and gloves there’s something for everyone.  Here’s a list of 20 awesome garden tools and tool sets you’re sure to love.

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20 Top Rated Gardening Gloves

gardening gloves

We’ve assembled 20 top rated garden gloves that are perfect for men and women. There are options like classic leather gloves or touchscreen gloves. We’ve even found garden genie gloves with claws. You’ll find the perfect gardening gloves for your needs.

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