Mosquito Repellent Plants and Flowers

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I don’t know about you, but mosquitos seem to love me!  While sprays and citronella candles are always available, I prefer to take a natural approach whenever possible.  We’ve compiled a list of 11 of the best natural mosquito repellent plants and flowers that you can include around your home or garden.

Keep reading to find the top flowers & plants to keep mosquitos away, then scroll down for a cool infographic that is perfect for sharing!



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The lavender plant will not only repel mosquitoes but it will keep away other animals as well. Some have also said that the oil in lavender can hinder a mosquito’s ability to smell.



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Marigolds will emit a smell that deters mosquitoes. They also will make a great border for your vegetable garden because they will not only keep away mosquitoes but they also will keep away aphids, whiteflies, Mexican bean beetles, squash bugs, and tomato hornworms.



Catnip is part of the mint family as a weed. It is easy to take care of them but they can start to invade your garden. In a study from Iowa State University, they found that catnip was actually ten times more effective than Deet (a common chemical used in most insect repellants).


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Rosemary has a woody scent that will keep mosquitos away from your garden. They will also keep carrot flies and cabbage moths away. They can also be used to season your cooking.


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Basil has a very pungent smell that will keep flies and mosquitos away. All kinds of basil will keep them away so you can explore which work best with your garden. Basil should be kept damp and needs good drainage and should be in a sunny location.


allium christophii 4278876 960 720Pin

The Allium is a bulb that includes onion and garlic. They release a strong fragrance that mosquitoes don’t like.


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You can actually use sage a few different ways to repel bugs in your garden. One way would be to dry it out to make a homemade bug spray. An additional way would be to add someone to a fire pit and the earthy smell will ward off any bugs.


mint 1500452 960 720Pin

Mint will not only keep mosquitoes away but even flies and ants. The stronger the aroma, the fewer bugs you will have. You can also dry the leaves and use them inside your house as a natural non-toxic pest control method.  

Bee Balm

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The Bee Balm will attract bees and butterflies to your garden while deterring mosquitoes. You can crush the leaves to release the fragrant oils.

Citronella Leaves

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You can often find citronella as candles to help repel mosquitos. You can also add the plant to your garden. The strong scent will mask the smell of other attractants.



Lemongrass will repel mosquitoes due to their citronella oil. They are an excellent herb and also can add a wonderful flavor to your food.


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We hope you’ve enjoyed this post about mosquito repellent plants!  If you’re planning on planting some of these in your garden, you might also like our post about the best garden gloves.

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