State Flowers with Pictures & Descriptions

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Find the official flower for your state, or figure out the flower for a gift recipient in another place.  Our guide features big beautiful photos and descriptions of each state flower. 

Alabama: Camellia


You may also know the camellia as “the rose of winter.” This has been the state flower of Alabama since 1959, when it replaced the Goldenrod. This evergreen flowering shrub is an easy plant to grow. They bloom in several colors including white, pink, red, and even yellow.


Alaska: Forget-Me-Not

forget me not Pin

The Forget-Me-Not became the official flower of Alaska in 1949. These flowers are very fragrant after dark, yet they don’t smell much during the day. There are about 50 varieties of forget-me-not.


Arizona: Saguaro Cactus Blossom


Saguaro Cactus Blossom became the official state flower of Arizona in 1931. This cactus is indigenous to Arizona and grows to a height of 40-50 feet! These cactuses can also live for 150-200 years. Their blossoms are creamy white with a pale yellow center.


Arkansas: Apple Blossom

apple blossoms 1368187 960 720Pin

The Apple Blossom became the Arkansas state flower in 1901. Arkansas has been a major apple-producing state and even has  an annual Arkansas Apple Festival in the town of Lincoln.


California: California Poppy

poppy 539555 960 720Pin

The state flower for California is the Golden Poppy (sometimes known as the California Poppy). It became the state flower in 1903. Every year California celebrates Poppy Day on April 6th. Additionally, Poppy Week is May 13-18th.


Colorado: Rocky Mountain Columbine

rocky mountain columbine 891913 960 720Pin

Rocky Mountain Columbine became the state flower of Colorado in 1899.  Want to know how? Colorado’s school kids voted to give it this honor. The state has chosen the lavender and white Rocky Mountain Columbine, which has violet petals and a white cup with a yellow center. Some say the yellow symbolizes Colorado’s gold mining history. You may love other types of purple flowers.


Connecticut: Mountain Laurel

mountain laurel 2821832 960 720Pin

The Mountain Laurel became the official state flower of Connecticut in 1907. You can find this beautiful plant on rocky slopes and in mountainous forest areas. The blooms are star-shaped and come in shades of red, pink, or white. This wildflower was also picked by Pennsylvania. 


Delaware: Peach Blossom

peach blossom 4110618 960 720Pin

The Peach Blossom became the official state flower of Delaware in 1895. It represents Delaware’s reputation as “The Peach State.” At the time Delaware had more than 800,000 peach trees! Delaware loves peaches so much they even named peach pie as the official state dessert in 2009.


Florida: Orange Blossom

Pinorange blossomPin

The Orange Blossom became the official state flower of Florida in 1909. The blossom on an orange tree is one of the most fragrant flowers in the state. Millions of these white flowers give southern Florida’s air a sweet citrusy scent. The orange is also the official state fruit and orange juice is the official state beverage.


Georgia: Cherokee Rose

cherokee rose 1646971 960 720Pin

The Cherokee Rose became the official state flower for Georgia in 1916, when it gained support from the Georgia Federation of Women’s Clubs. The name comes from the Cherokee Nation who first distributed the plant. The petals and rose hips are edible and are useful ingredients in herbal medicines.


Hawaii: Hibiscus

hibiscus 99474 960 720Pin

The Yellow Hibiscus became the official state flower of Hawaii in 1988. You’ll only find this bloom in Hawaii where it grows on each of the main islands. Unfortunately, the flower is extremely rare and actually considered an endangered species. Each island also designates its own official island flower:

  • Hawai’i: ‘Ōhi‘a Lehua
  • Maui: Lokelani (pink Damask rose)
  • O’ahu: ‘Ilima
  • Kaua’i: Mokihana 
  • Moloka’i: Kukui (candlenut tree blossom)
  • Lana’i: Kauna‘oa (native dodder)
  • Ni’ihau: Pūpū (tiny seashells)
  • Kaho’olawe: Hinahina (native beach heliotrope)


Idaho: Syringa

syringa vulgaris 367605 960 720Pin

Syringa became the official state flower of Idaho in 1931. It blooms along rivers at the same time that Chinook salmon migrate upstream. This flower appeared on the Great Seal of Idaho in 1890, 41 years before it became official.


Illinois: Violet

violet 292367 960 720Pin

The Violet was first adopted as the state flower of Illinois in 1908. School children voted to choose this particular bloom. Illinois is also the first of four states to choose the violet as their state flower.


Indiana: Peony

peony 287062 960 720Pin

The Peony became the state flower of Indiana in 1957. From 1931-1957 the zinnia was actually the state flower.  If you love the peony, check out other pink flowers.


Iowa: Wild Rose

nature 4232983 960 720Pin

The Wild Rose became the official state flower of Iowa in 1897. Iowa did not pick a particular species of wild rose, and there are many. The wild prairie rose is usually cited as the official species.


Kansas: Wild Sunflower

wild flowers 3593164 960 720Pin

The Wild Native Sunflower became the official state flower of Kansas in 1903. The sunflower is also featured on the Kansas state flag and the Kansas quarter. Many also refer to Kansas as “The Sunflower State.”


Kentucky: Goldenrod

goldenrod 3614200 960 720 1Pin

The Goldenrod became the official state flower of Kentucky in 1926. You can find about 30 different varieties of this flower throughout Kentucky. Nebraska has also picked the Goldenrod.


Louisiana: Magnolia

magnolia 4109847 960 720Pin

The Magnolia blossom became the state flower of Louisiana in the year 1900. The Society for Louisiana Irises fought to get the state flower changed to the Louisiana iris in 1948. At one point, they sought to make the magnolia the official state tree instead. In the end, the irises lost and the magnolia is still the state flower. Instead, the Louisiana iris became the state wildflower.


Maine: White Pine Cone and Tassel


Photo Source:

The White Pine Cone and Tassel became the official state flower of Maine in 1895. Besides being the state flower, the white pine is also the state tree of Maine. We think that’s perfect since Maine is known as the pine tree state.


Maryland: Black Eyed Susan


Black Eyed SusanPin
Black Eyed Susan

The official state flower of Maryland is the Black-Eyed Susan. It became the official flower in 1918. These sunny wildflowers are often found along Maryland fields and roadsides. The gold and black colors also match the state bird, state cat, and state insect.


Massachusetts: Mayflower  

white mayflower 403174 960 720Pin

The official state flower of Massachusetts is the Mayflower. It became the official flower in 1918. Unfortunately, this flower has been on the endangered list since 1925.


Michigan: Apple Blossom

apple blossom 4106654 960 720Pin

The Apple Blossom became the official state flower of Michigan in 1897. Michigan ranks third in the entire country in the production of apples. They hold an annual Blossomtime Festival to mark the arrival of Apple Blossoms each year. The festival also celebrates other popular fruits such as melons, peaches, and grapes.


Minnesota: Pink & White Lady Slipper

lady slipper 655150 960 720Pin

The Pink & White Lady Slipper became the state flower of Minnesota in 1967.  It’s also sometimes called the showy lady’s slipper or queen’s lady slipper. Minnesota State Law has protected this rare flower since 1925. It’s actually illegal to pick them or uproot the plants.


Mississippi: Magnolia

magnolia 1077384 960 720Pin

The Magnolia became the official state flower of Mississippi State Flower in 1952. Known as the “Magnolia State,” the magnolia is also Mississippi’s state tree. It’s even featured on the U.S. Mint’s bicentennial commemorative quarter for Mississippi.


Missouri: White Hawthorn Blossom

hawthorn 1330489 960 720Pin

The White Hawthorn Blossom became the official state flower of Missouri in 1923. Missouri is home to over 75 species of this plant, especially in the Ozarks. The flowers grow in bunches on hawthorn trees. They come from the same family as roses, apples, and spirea.


Montana: Bitterroot


Photo Source:

The Bitterroot became the official state flower of Montana in 1895. Locals see this flower throughout western and south-central Montana. It blooms in the spring and summer. Native Americans in the region used the roots of this plant for food and trade. The root was typically mixed with berries or meat and cooked before serving.


Nebraska: Goldenrod

golden rod 1586871 960 720Pin

The Goldenrod became the official state flower of Nebraska in 1895. This plant is native to the US and found in diverse habitats across the country. The hardy blooms represent the spirit of the state’s early pioneers. 


Nevada: Sagebrush

Nevada Sagebrush Artemisia tridentataPin

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The Sagebrush became the official state flower of Nevada in 1917. Nevada is also nicknamed “The Sagebrush State.”  


New Hampshire: Purple Lilac

lilac 4158954 960 720Pin

New Hampshire made the Purple Lilac its official state flower in 1919. The state considered several other flowers including the goldenrod, Mayflower, and purple aster. They chose the purple lilac to represent the hardy character of the state’s residents.


New Jersey: Violet

wood violet 1Pin

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The Violet unofficially became the New Jersey state flower in 1913. In 1971 state legislators finally made it the official state flower. The violet is also the state symbol of Rhode Island, Illinois, and Wisconsin.


New Mexico: Yucca

flowers 3502371 960 720Pin

The Yucca became the official flower of New Mexico in 1927. Kids voted for this flower, as did the New Mexico Federation of Women’s Clubs.


New York: Rose

red rose 320868 960 720Pin

The Rose became the state flower of New York in 1955. The Rose is also our national flower.  If you like roses, you may enjoy our meaning of rose colors post.


North Carolina: Dogwood

dogwood 423657 960 720Pin

The Dogwood became the official flower of North Carolina in 1941. The Dogwood is one of the most common trees found all across the state of North Carolina.


North Dakota: Wild Prairie Rose


Photo Source:

The Wild Prairie Rose became the official state flower of North Dakota in 1907. You can find the wild prairie rose along the state’s roadsides, in native meadows, and in pastures.


Ohio: Red Carnation

carnation 1511030 960 720Pin

The Red Carnation became the official state flower of Ohio in 1904. This flower honors President McKinley, an Ohioan assassinated in 1901. McKinley wore red carnations on his jacket lapel. Ohio also recognizes a state wildflower, the white trillium.


Oklahoma: Oklahoma Rose

Oklahoma Rose Tea rosePin

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The Oklahoma Rose became the official state flower of Oklahoma in 2004. This rose is one of the most fragrant of the hybrid tea roses. The state is so proud of their rose that they’ve also designated a state rock that resembles it. 


Oregon: Oregon Grape

oregon state flower 65432 960 720Pin

The Oregon Grape became the state flower of Oregon in 1899. This grape is a bit tart and bitter with large seeds and is often used to make jelly. The yellowish green flowers of the Oregon grape bloom in clusters. Other names for this plant include the Rocky Mountain grape, hollyleaved barberry, or California barberry.


Pennsylvania: Mountain Laurel

kalmia latifolia elf 2352599 960 720Pin

Pennsylvania made Mountain Laurel its official flower in 1933. The Mountain Laurel is also a symbol of Connecticut. These flowers are native to North America. They were exported to Europe in the 18th century because of their beauty.


Rhode Island: Violet


Photo Source:

The official state flower of Rhode Island is the Violet. Rhode Island was the last state to make the violet its official flower in 1968. New Jersey and Illinois also have the violet as their state flower.


South Carolina: Yellow Jessamine


Photo Source:

The Yellow Jessamine became the official state flower of South Carolina in 1924. This flower blooms throughout the state and has many names. You may call it the trumpet vine, trumpet flower, yellow jasmine, or Carolina jasmine.


South Dakota: American Pasque

pasqueflower 1585303 340Pin

The American Pasque became the official state flower of South Dakota in 1903. You can find this flower throughout South Dakota. This flower has many other names. Some call it prairie crocus, wind flower, Easter Flower, May Day flower, or Meadow Anemone.


Tennessee: Iris

iris 2502898 960 720Pin

In 1919 kids chose the passion flower to be the state flower of Tennessee. Then, in 1933 the legislature designated the iris as the “State Flower of Tennessee.” Unfortunately, the state neglected to rescind the passion flower as its state flower. Finally, in 1973 they corrected this oversight. They named the passion flower as the state wildflower. The iris then became the official state flower.


Texas: Bluebonnet

bluebonnet 733360 960 720Pin

The Bluebonnet became the state flower of Texas in 1901. Texas loves the Bluebonnet so much they’ve honored it in many ways. There’s a bluebonnet city, bluebonnet trail, a bluebonnet festival, and even a song.  


Utah: Sego Lily

sego lily 590603 340Pin

The Sego Lily became the official state flower of Utah in 1911. The state chose this flower due to its natural beauty and historical significance. In the mid-1800s residents ate the sego lily. This was because a crop-devouring plague of crickets ravaged the state’s food supply.


Vermont: Red Clover

red clover 4225980 960 720Pin

The Red Clover became the official state flower of Vermont in 1894. It represents Vermont’s farms and fields.


Virginia: American Dogwood

dogwood 3355863 960 720Pin

The American Dogwood became the official state flower of Virginia in 1918. This flowering tree blooms with large fragrant flowers each spring. In autumn, the dogwood develops red berries and its leaves turn a deep red before falling to the ground.


Washington: Coast Rhododendron

flower rhododendronWebPin

Photo Source:

In 1892, the women of this state chose the coast rhododendron as their state flower. They selected this flower to be featured at the World’s Fair in 1893. Washington officially adopted this bloom in 1959.


Western Virginia: Rhododendron

rhododendron 4234692 960 720Pin

The Rhododendron became the official state flower of West Virginia in 1903. Public school kids across the state voted for this flower and it won with more than 15,000 votes.


Wisconsin: Wood Violet

wood violetPin

Photo Source:

The Wood Violet became the official state flower of Wisconsin on Arbor Day in 1909. Wisconsin school children chose this flower in 1908. Illinois, New Jersey, and Rhode Island also have the wood violet as a state symbol.


Wyoming: Indian Paintbrush

indian paintbrush 383644 960 720Pin

The Indian Paintbrush became the official state flower of Wyoming in 1917. Also known as the prairie fire, this genus includes around 200 species of plants.


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