National Flowers by Country

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You may know that different states have their own flower, but did you know that many countries also have a designated national flower? We have all the details for you here, along with pictures and a brief description.

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Argentina: Ceibo

800px Erythrina crista galli 2 3Pin

Photo Source: Wikipedia

Ceibo (Erythrina Crista Galli) became the National Flower of Argentina in December of 1942. It is also the official city tree of Los Angeles, California.

Australia: Golden Wattle

wattle blossoms 2642539 960 720Pin

The Golden Wattle (Acacia Pycnantha) is the national flower of Australia. The Golden Wattle flower head is made of a bunch of tiny flowers in large, fluffy, yellow bundles. Since 1992, September 1st is declared as National Wattle Day.

Austria: Edelweiss

flowers 3601331 960 720Pin

Edelweiss is one of the best-known European mountain flowers and belongs in the sunflower family. This flower is a symbol not only in Austria but Germany and Switzerland as well.

Bahamas: Yellow Elder

yellow bell 2696403 960 720Pin

The Yellow Elder is the national flower of the Bahamas and is native to the islands. Four New Providence’s garden clubs chose this flower in the 1970s (Y.W.C.A. Garden Club, Nassau Garden Club, Carver Club, and the International Garden Club). They chose this because many other flowers that grew there were chosen as national flowers in other countries.

Balearic Islands: Carnation

dianthus 885812 960 720Pin

The national flower of the Balearic Islands is the carnation. It is also the national flower of New Zealand, Slovenia, Spain, and Monaco.

Bangladesh: Water Lily

water lily 140727 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Bangladesh is the White Water Lily. Bangladeshi people believe that the white water lily purifies their souls and unites them all like a water lily’s petals.

Barbados: Pride of Barbados

peacock flower 332298 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Barbados is the Pride of Barbados, also known as Dwarf Poinciana or Flower Fence. This flower also appears on the Barbados Coat of Arms.

Belarus: Flax

flax 3608487 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Belarus is Flax. Flax is grown all over the world but was first grown in countries near Belarus.

Belgium: Red Poppy

poppy 4287463 960 720Pin

The national flower of Belgium is the common Red Poppy. The Red Poppy is considered one of the easiest wildflowers to grow. These flowers are bright and cheerful, just like many of the Belgium natives they represent.

Belize: Black Orchid

encyclia cochleatum black orchid 2011Pin

Photo Source:

The National Flower of Belize is the Black Orchid. The Black orchid has yellow-greenish petals and sepals with purple blotches and is in the shape of a clamshell.  

Bermuda: Blue-Eyed Grass

blue eyed grass 1268021 960 720Pin

In Bermuda, the Blue-eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium bermudiana) is the National Flower. This plant is also native to Ireland, and both countries claim this beautiful plant.

Bhutan: Blue Poppy

blue poppy 2406935 960 720Pin

The national flower of Bhutan is the Himalayan Blue Poppy. This flower was first discovered in 1933 in a remote part of Sakteng in eastern Bhutan. The blue poppy is traditionally linked to the yeti of lore.

Bohemia: Thyme

thyme 341930 960 720Pin

The national flower of Bohemia is Thyme. Thyme has a long history and was used by Ancient Egyptians for embalming. Ancient Greeks also used Thyme in their baths and burnt it as incense in temples and believed it was a source of courage.  

Bolivia: Kantuta

bolivia facts national emblems flowers kantutaPin

Photo Source:

Kantuta (also spelled Cantua) is the national flower of Bolivia. Bolivia also has a second official national flower named the “Patuju.”

Brazil: Cattleya Orchid

cattleya 994874 960 720Pin

Cattleya Orchid (also known as Cattleya Labiata) is the National Flower of Brazil. Brazil is the single largest flower cultivating country in the world. John Lindley named the Cattleya Labiata after William Cattley in 1824.

British Columbia: Dogwood Tree Flower

dogwood 591705 960 720Pin

The National Flower of British Columbia is a tree. Adopted in 1956, the National Flower is the Pacific Dogwood tree. This tree only grows in the southwest corner of B.C.  

Bulgaria: Rose

rose 3142529 960 720Pin

Bulgaria’s National Flower is the rose, which is commonly referred to as the queen of flowers. It is a common practice when someone visits you in Bulgaria you gift them with a rose as it is a symbol of friendship.

Canada: Maple Leaf

maple 801800 960 720Pin

Canada doesn’t have an official flower, but the closest thing they have would be the Maple leaf. The Maple leaf was incorporated into the national coat of arms in 1922 and appeared on national flags around 1907. In 1965, it became the center of the Canadian flag.

Cayman Islands: Wild Banana Orchid

The Wild Banana OrchidPin

Photo Source:

The National Flower of the Cayman Islands is the Wild Banana Orchid. This flower has two varieties out of the island’s approximately 26 varieties of orchids.

Chile: Copihue/Chilean Bellflower

220px Lapageria rosea StrybingPin

Photo Source: Wikipedia

Copihue/Chilean Bellflower (Also known as Lapageria Rosea) is the national flower of Chile. This flower grows in the southern part of Chile.

China: Plum Blossom

blossom 4170450 960 720Pin

The Plum Blossom became the official National Flower of the Republic of China by the Executive Yuan in July of 1964. This flower symbolizes resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity due to it often blooming vibrantly in the harsh winter snow. These flowers can bloom for a long time. In fact, in Hubei, there is a 1,600-year-old plum tree that still flowers.

Columbia: Cattleya Trianae

Cattleya trianaePin

Photo Source: Wikipedia

Cattleya trianae is the national flower of Colombia. It was named after Colombian naturalist Jose Jeronimo Triana. It was chosen as the national flower by a botanist named Emilio Robledo who described it as the most beautiful flower in the world.

Costa Rica: Guaria Morada

flora 588006 960 720Pin

Guaria Morada became the national flower of Costa Rica in June of 1939. This exotic orchid is known for its purple color and diamond-like shimmer.

Croatia: Iris Croatica

800px Iris croatica Botanicki vrt 1 080509Pin

Photo Source: Wikipedia

The Iris Croatica is the national flower of Croatia. It is a bearded rhizomatous species of the iris flower.

Cuba: Hedychium Coronarium

hedychium coronarium 206408 960 720Pin

Hedychium coronarium, also referred to as The White Ginger or “Mariposa,” is Cuba’s national flower. The flowers are white with a beautiful scent and can include a yellow and salmon pink color. They are commonly sold in streets, used in bridal bouquets, and offered to Saints and the deceased.

Cyrus: Cyclamen

cyclamen 3808413 960 720Pin

The national flower of Cyprus is the Cyclamen. This flower will grow naturally in countries like Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Palestine, Syria, and more. It belongs to the Primulaceae family.

Czech Republic: Rose

red rose 320868 960 720Pin

The Rose is the national flower of the Czech Republic and is found all over the country. The rose was first seen in the Czech Republic 35 million years ago.

Denmark: Marguerite Daisy

marguerite 729510 960 720Pin

The Marguerite Daisy is the National Flower of Denmark. These flowers produce large daisy-like flowers. The Red Clover and English Holly are also flower emblems to Denmark.

Ecuador: Rose

rose 3407234 960 720Pin

The national flower of Ecuador is the Rose. It is the “unofficial national flower” also known as “Chequirahua.” The rose is known to symbolize love and beauty.

Egypt: Egyptian Lotus

blue egyptian lotus 959683 960 720Pin

Ancient Egypt may have been one of the first countries to recognize national plants as well as flowers. The Egyptian Lotus Flower is the only plant to both flower and fruit at the same time and is Egypt’s national flower.

Estonia: Cornflower Blue

cornflower 2424993 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Estonia is the Blue Cornflower. In 1067-68 The Estonian Wildlife Protection Society held a televised campaign for people to choose the national flower. The ornamental blue cornflower was chosen as the favorite.

Ethiopia: Calla Lily

calla 95070 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Ethiopia is the Calla Lily. It was chosen because of its abundance, color, and uses. Natives also consider it a sign of peace.

France: Iris

iris 4265960 960 720Pin

The National Flower of France is the Iris. It is also represented in the Fleur-de-lis emblem (the symbol of the French monarchy). These flowers symbolize faith, wisdom, peace of mind, hope, and friendship.

French Polynesia: Tiare

tiare 4011621 960 720Pin

The National Flower of French Polynesia is the Tiare. It is a staple in Tahitian culture, and the name tiare comes from the word “tiara,” suggesting the flower is the queen of all flowers in French Polynesia. However, in Tahitian, it means a strong presence and is means perfume or fragrance, so its literal translation means ‘a strong fragrance.’

Finland: Lily-of-the-Valley

lily of the valley 1693516 960 720Pin

The Lily-of-the-Valley was chosen as the National Flower of Finland due to its attractive and sweet-scented flowers. They are often represented in Finnish poetry and songs.

Germany: Cornflower

cornflower 49221 960 720Pin

The Cornflower is the national flower of Germany. It became symbolic to Germany during the 19th century due to its color being Prussian Blue. It was customary for the unwed to wear the flower in their buttonholes to show their marital status during this time.

Greece: Bear’s Breech

shutterstock 645158452 OptimizedPin

Photo Source:

The National Flower of Greece is the Bear’s Breech (Also known as Acanthus Mollis). This flower has a long history with Greece, and Greek artists carved the leaves on top of their Corinthian columns in the fifth century BC.

Greenland: Fireweed

fireweed 2474742 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Greenland is the Fireweed, which belongs to the evening primrose family. It can be found in northern regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

Guam: Puti Tai Nobiu

bougainvillea 363145 340Pin

In Guam, the national flower is the Puti Tai Nobiu (also known as Bougainvillea). People also refer to it as the paper flowers, and it produces lots of colors such as red, pink, purple, orange, and white.

Guatemala: White Nun Orchid

Monja BlancaPin

Photo Source:

The National Flower of Guatemala is the White Nun Orchid. It is a rare flower in the Verapaz district in Guatemala and symbolizes peace, art, and beauty. It was named the national flower in 1934 by General Jorge 1. Learn more about orchid care.

Guyana: Victoria Regia

victoria regia 563737 960 720Pin

The Victoria Regia (water lily) is Guyana’s national flower and was discovered by German Botanist Robert Schomburgk in 1837. It is also represented in the Guyana coat of arms.

Holland: Tulip

tulip 65789 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Holland (The Netherlands) is the tulip. However, the tulip is admired worldwide and is often found in bouquets for home vases.

Honduras: Orchid

orchid 165218 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Honduras is the Orchid. The orchid replaced the rose as the official national flower in 1969.

Hong Kong: Orchid Bauhinia

bauhinia blakeana 3201083 960 720Pin

Orchid Bauhinia is the National Flower of Hong Kong. This flower is also featured on the regional flag of Hong Kong.

Hungary: Tulip

tulip purple 3360748 960 720Pin

The National flower of Hungary is the tulip. It was brought to Hungary from Turkey and became very popular. The Tulip in Hungary symbolizes different things depending on the color and variations.

Iceland: Mountain Avens

mountain avens 1147499 960 720Pin

Mountain Avens is the National Flower of Iceland. It can be found all over Iceland, but they mainly grow on gravelly mountain slopes and moorland.

India: Lotus

lily 1180307 960 720Pin

The National Flower in India is the Lotus. It is a sacred flower and goes back to ancient Indian mythology.

Indonesia:  1) Melati (Jasmine) (Jasminum Sambac) 2) Moon Orchid (Phalaenopsis Amabilis) 3) Rafflesia (Rafflesia Arnoldii Indonesia)

Arabian jasmin Tunisia 2010Pin

Photo Source: Wikipedia

The National Flower of Indonesia is the Melati Putih. There wasn’t a national flower in Indonesia for a long time, and they didn’t have one until June of 1990. In fact, they have 3:  Moon Orchid (Phalaenopsis Amabilis), Melati (Jasminum Sambac), and Rafflesia (Rafflesia Arnoldii Indonesia).

Iran: Red Rose

rose 402671 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Iran is the red rose. The Tulip is also the flower emblem of Iran.

Iraq: Red Rose

rose 3506327 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Iraq is the red rose. There isn’t a known reason why the rose was chosen as the national flower, but some believe that it is due to it being common during the Persian Empire. Both Iraq and Iran chose the red rose as their national flower, and both used to be a part of Persia.

Ireland: Shamrock

clover 3768689 960 720Pin

It may come as no surprise that the National Flower of Ireland is the Shamrock. The flower is related to the tale of St. Patrick and how he used the three-lead shamrock to explain the Trinity. His followers then started wearing a Shamrock on his feast day.

Italy: Lily

flower 729514 960 720Pin

Italy’s national flower is the Lily; however, the traditional symbolic flower for Italy is the Rose. Italians considered white poppy and white lilies to be a religious symbolic flower.

Jamaica: Lignum Vitae

Lignum Vitae Jamaica National Flower 225x300Pin

Photo Source:

Lignum Vitae is indigenous to Jamaica and was found by Christopher Columbus.

Japan: Cherry blossom (Prunus serrulata) & Chrysanthemum morifolium

japanese cherry trees 324175 960 720Pin

There is no official designated national flower in Japan; however, some believe the Cherry Blossom represents Japan because it is in many traditional shrines and temples. The Chrysanthemum represents Japan because it is the flower of the Japanese King family.

Jordan: Black Iris

black 2098137 960 720Pin

The Black Iris was declared the National Flower of the government of Jordan. The plant belongs to the genus Iris that was originally collected by Ernest Wilson in Sichuan in 1908.

Kazakhstan: Lily

lily 1512813 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Kazakhstan unofficially the Lily. There are about 110 species in the lily family, Liliaceae.

Kuwait: Rhanterium Epapposum

image of the flowerPin

Photo Source: Flower Expert

Rhanterum epapposum (also known as Arfaj) became the national flower of Kuwait in 1983. This plant has served as fodder for the Rhem gazelle and domestic animals and was even used as a fuel source.

Kyrgyzstan: Tulip

tulips 3359902 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Kyrgyzstan is the Tulip. Holland is often referred to as the Tulip state, but the original Tulip state is Kyrgyzstan.

Latvia: Pipene or Daisy

nature 3184889 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Latvia is the Pipene or Daisy. In Latvian conditions, the wild daisy blossoms from June through September.

Liberia: Pepper

pepper flower 924281 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Liberia is Pepper. The Pepper has small, white, star-shaped flowers.

Libya: Pomegranate Blossom

The National Flower of Libya is the Pomegranate Blossom. The Pomegranate Blossom not only grows as a beautiful flower but also grows fruit as well.

Lithuania: Rue

rue 1015785 960 720Pin

Lithuania’s National Flower is the Rue. Traditionally a bride will wear a crown made of rue to symbolize maidenhood. During the wedding, the crown will be burned to symbolize the loss of careless childhood and the entrance into adulthood.

Luxembourg: Rose

flower 3115353 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Luxembourg is the Rose. It is also the national flower of England, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

Madagascar: Poinciana

flower 2757344 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Madagascar is the Poinciana. Poinciana is a flowering plant in the bean family Fabaceae, subfamily Caesalpinioideae native to Madagascar.

Maldives: Pink Rose

rose 1687547 960 720Pin

The National Flower of the Maldives is the Pink Rose (also known as Finifenmaa). It was declared the national flower in July of 1985.

Malta: The Maltese Centaury Paleocyanus Crasifoleus (Cheirolophus crassifolius)

Cheirolophus crassifolius flowerPin

Photo Source: Wikipedia

The National Flower of Malta is The Maltese Centaury Paleocyanus Crasifoleus. It has been the national plant of Malta since 1973.

New Zealand: Kowhai

kowhai 2433384 960 720Pin

The unofficial National Flower of New Zealand is the Kowhai. The Kowhai is a beautiful yellow or golden flower.

Paraguay: Blue Passion Flower

flower 1643154 960 720Pin

The Blue Passion Flower is the National Flower of Paraguay. In Paraguay, it is known as mburucuyá in Guaraní. It was chosen as the national flower because of its unique beauty and can be found in forests and the walls along Paraguay houses.

Peru: Cantuta

2k13.05.17 flor de inca 01Pin

Photo Source:

The National Flower of Peru is the Cantuta. It is considered a ceremonial flower. Whenever the Inca participated in a ritual or ceremony, their path was adorned with these flowers like a carpet as a sign of respect.

Philippines: Sampaguita


Photo Source: The Flower Expert

The National Flower of the Philippines is the Sampaguita. The Philippines also have a national flower called the Anahaw.

Poland: Corn Poppy

flowers 731288 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Poland is the Corn Poppy or Red Poppy. During and after World War 1, fields disturbed by battle ended up blooming Corn Poppies, and it has since become a symbol of that war.

Portugal: Lavender

lavender 894919 960 720Pin

Lavender is the national flower of Portugal, and the genus has about 25-30 species of flowering plants in the mint family. Lavender is also known for its calming effect and can be found in various items such as candles. perfumes, essential oils, etc.

Puerto Rico: Flor de Maga  


Photo Source:

The National Flower of Puerto Rico is the Flor de Maga (also known as the Puerto Rican Hibiscus). The Maga is related to the hibiscus but differs from the Maga’s saucer size flower, and it grows on a large tree. It is native to Puerto Rico and is grown in tropical climates.

Romania: Dog Rose

flower 4275777 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Romania is the Dog Rose. The Dog rose can be self-supporting or climbing flowers.

Russia: Camomile

meadows 4208643 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Russia is the Camomile. The Camomile is a member of the daisy family and has a fruity floral fragrance.

San Marino: Cyclamen

flower 3839148 960 720Pin

The Cyclamen is the National Flower of San Marino. The scientific name of this flower is also Cyclamen. It has scented flowers and will bring beauty to your home and garden. It is also used in herbal medicine.

Scotland: Thistle

thistle 4348914 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Scotland is the Thistle and has been an important symbol of the country for over 500 years. James III founded it in 1967, and it also represents one of the highest honors the country can give to an individual.

Seychelles: Tropicbird Orchid

photo verybig 9184Pin

Photo Source:

The National Flower of Seychelle is the Tropicbird Orchid (locally known as Orkid Payanke). This flower was featured on the wedding veil of Meghan Markle. The national flower can also be seen on the planes of the national airline, Air Seychelles.

Singapore: Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim


Photo Source: Wikipedia

The Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim is the national flower of Singapore. It was chosen to represent Singapore’s uniqueness and hybrid culture in April of 1981.

Slovakia: Rose

a rose 1039817 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Slovakia is the rose. The rose is recognized as a symbol of love, beauty, war, and politics and first appeared in Slovakia over 35 million years ago.

Spain: Red Carnation

carnation 1488929 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Spain is the Red Carnation. They are often given as presents, and each color has a different meaning. The Red Carnation is used to adorn the windows of traditional white houses in Spain since the peasants’ age.

Sri Lanka: Nil Manel

water lily 1540448 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Sri Lanka is the Nil Manel (or blue water lily) and was chosen as the national flower in 1986. It can be found all over Sri Lanka and grows in shallow water.

South Africa: King Protea

south africa 1036552 960 720Pin

The King Protea is the national flower of South Africa. The flower is also the flagship of the Protea Atlas Project that is run by the South African National Botanical Institute.  

South Korea: Hibiscus Syriacus

hibiscus syriacus 1410195 960 720Pin

The Hibiscus Syriacus is the National Flower of South Korea. In fact, in South Korea, it is referred to as the Korean Rose and is mentioned in their national anthem.

Sweden: Linnea Borealis

4784044120 4272701d66Pin

Photo Source:

The Unofficial National Flower of Sweden is the Linnea Borealis. These flowers are pink, bell-like, and grow in pairs.

Switzerland: Edelweiss

edelweiss 1004519 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Switzerland is the Edelweiss. The scientific name of the flower is Leontopodium, which translates to “lion’s paw.”

Syria: Jasmine

flower 3444238 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Syria has not officially declared a national flower; however, publicly, Syrians consider the Jasmine as their national flower. Most Jasmine flowers are white, but they can also grow with yellow flowers.

Thailand: Ratchaphruek

cassia 1550928 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Thailand is the Ratchaphruek. The Ratchaphruek was named the national flower of Thailand in October of 2001. The name ratchaphruek means a royal tree, and each day of the week has a different color connected to it.

Trinidad and Tobago: Chaconia


Photo Source:

Trinidad and Tobago’s National Flower is the Chaconia (or the Wild Poinsettia). It is a flaming red forest flower and a member of the Rubiaceae family. The flower was named after the last Spanish Governor of the country, Don Jose Maria Chacon.

Turkey: Tulip

tulips 3406530 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Turkey is the Tulip. In Turkish, the word Tulipa translates to tulbend or turban, which the flower resembles.

Ukraine: Sunflower

sunflower 1627193 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Ukraine is the Sunflower. It symbolizes solar energy as well as fertility, unity, and well-being.

United States: Rose

rose 2417334 960 720Pin

The National Flower of the United States is the rose. It was declared the national flower in November of 1986, and then-president Ronald Reagan signed a proclamation certifying it in a ceremony at the White House Rose Garden.

Uruguay: Ceibo Erythrina

Erythrina crista galli2Pin

Photo Source: Wikipedia

The National Flower of Uruguay is the Ceibo Erythrina. The Ceibo Erythrina are bright red flowers.

Venezuela: Orchid

orchids 3837620 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Venezuela is the Orchid. It was first discovered in the northern land in 1849 but was declared the national flower in May of 1951.

Virgin Islands: Yellow Cedar

Trumpetbush FlowersPin

Photo Source:

The National Flower of the US Virgin Islands is the Yellow Cedar. It is sometimes referred to as the Ginger Thomas.

Yemen: Arabian Coffee

800px Coffee FlowersPin

Photo Source: Wikipedia

Arabian Coffee Flower is the National Flower of Yemen. The Arabica coffee was first domesticated in Ethiopia, but cultivation in Yemen was documented in the 12th century.

Yugoslavia: Lily-of-the-Valley

lilies of the valley 4240129 960 720Pin

The unofficial flower of Yugoslavia is the Lily-of-the Valley. It is very popular in Yugoslavia, and it symbolizes purity, sweetness, and beauty.

Zimbabwe: Flame Lily

flame lilly 1319672 960 720Pin

The National Flower of Zimbabwe is the Flame Lily. It is a large claw-like flower that opens to yellow and red, resembling flames.


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