11 Popular Cactus Flower FAQs

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We’ve answered your top 11 questions about cactus flowers, including the meaning, blooming, and more.

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What are the flowers on a cactus called?

The hair-like spikes or short prickles which are generally barbed that are found on the areoles of Cacti are called Glochids or glochidia. Cactus glochids easily detach from the plant and lodge in the skin. This causes irritation on the skin. In some species, these glochids can nearly cover the stem surface of the cactus. 


What does it mean when a cactus flowers?

A cactus will flower when its natural growth cycle is followed. Cactus must go through a dormant winter cycle and wake up in the spring. The flowers will react to changes in light or temperature. Cactus will need to be placed in a dry, cool area, where you will not water it over winter. In spring, you will begin to water it and provide as much sunshine as possible. This will assist its natural growth cycle. 


How often do cactus flowers bloom?

Typically cacti will bloom at least once a year. Cacti may bloom more frequently in wetter years. Most species of cacti flower in the spring when the weather is ideal. Most will bloom during the day, but there are a few species that will bloom at night during the summer. 


How long do cactus flowers last?

The time that a cactus flower lasts depends greatly on the species of the plant. Some cacti will bloom and wither within one day, and others can retain their flowers for up to six weeks. The majority of flowers will last 5-7 days. 


What is cactus flower good for?

The cactus flower helps the plant conserve water during the hot season. The cactus flower is useful in maintaining the natural moisture of the skin and preventing moisture loss from the skin surface. Cactus flower extract is known for its synergistic antioxidant and anti-histaminic properties. 


Should I remove dead flowers from the cactus?

Yes, you should remove dead flowers from the cactus. Before pulling off dead flowers you should look for seeds that may reproduce. Removing these dead blooms will help the plant conserve energy. This will allow for the plant to work on improving its general health instead of shedding dead flowers. 


Can I put cactus in my bedroom?

While cactus plants can be placed anywhere it might not be best for the plant. During spring, cacti need lots of light, and depending on the light level in the bedroom, it may not be the best place. Placing a cactus on a dry window sill will ensure it gets enough light in the bedroom. 


Do cacti die after flowering?

Most cacti do not die after flowering. There are some that die after they flower. This is also called the bloom of death. Species that die after they bloom are known as monocarpic plants. These are the species that die after they bloom. 

  • Kalanchoe luciae.
  • Agave victoriana.
  • Agave vilmoriniana.
  • Agave gypsophila.
  • Aechmea blanchetiana.
  • Aeonium hybrids.
  • Sempervivum.

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Is cactus good luck?

Most plants bring in positive energy but cacti are a bit more specific. Cactus plants are nice plants with strong protective energy. Most Feng Shui experts suggest that they bring in and can transmit negative energy. It’s also believed that can bring misfortune to one’s life such as diseases, anxiety, stress, or losses. You can place a cactus on a window sill to disperse negative energy from the window. 


Where do you put cactus for good luck?

The best place to put cactus plants for good luck is not the living room, bedrooms, or entry of the home. This can create a place of conflict. You will need to find a place that protects people from the negative energy caused by the cactus spines. A window sill where the cactus can disperse negative energy coming into the home is best. 


Can you eat the cactus flowers?

The flowers of the cactus are not edible. There are other parts such as the flat cactus pads and cactus fruits that are edible. The fruit, most commonly called “Prickly Pears” are sweet and eaten straight off the plant. The cactus flower is more commonly used in extracts and not ingested. 


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