Camellia Flower Meaning And Symbolism

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The Camellia flower has a very long history, dating back to the ancient Egyptians who used it as an ingredient in the embalming process.

It was also used by the Greeks for medicinal purposes. The name of this beautiful flower comes from the Latin word “camelum” which means “a small camel or dromedary”.

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Like many other flowers, the Camellia Flower means lots of different things to people all around the world. The colorful plant is seen everywhere from backyards to floral art. 

But what does the flower symbolize and what does it mean? 

Follow our guide to all things camellia to find out more.

What Does The Camellia Flower Look Like?

The Camellia Flower looks like a large white blossom with a yellow center. This gorgeous flower grows up to 2 feet tall and can be found growing wild throughout the United States. Its leaves are green on top and light blue underneath. 

This type of plant can be found in a lot of different colors, with a wide variety of different meanings for each one.

However, they are most commonly found in either white or pink. The Camellia Flower is used all over the world, but its meaning varies depending on where you live.

General Meanings Of The Camellia Flower

The color of the flower itself represents love, hope, purity, innocence, and beauty. When it’s white, it signifies that someone is pure and innocent.

Pink is often associated with love and romance. And when it’s mixed with other colors, it means that there are two sides to every story. 

For example, red and white together represent friendship and loyalty.

How Do People Use The Camellia Flower?

There are so many ways that people use the Camellia Flower. Some people even put them into their hair! They have been known to make wreaths, bouquets, and arrangements.

Some people paint them onto walls and decorate their homes with the famous plant because of its beauty and versatility.

People all around the world enjoy the beauty of the Camellia Flowers. They are especially popular during springtime because of how bright and cheerful they look.

If you want to bring some joy into your home, then you could do a lot worse than to have a fresh bouquet of these beauties. 

White Camellias and Pink Camellias specifically talk volumes in the language of flowers and home décor.

Symbolic Meanings

We’ve talked about the meanings of white and pink Camellias, so let’s talk about some of the other variations and their symbolism. Here are some of the symbolic meanings behind some of the other types of Camellias:

Yellow Camellias

Yellow Camellias are usually associated with happiness, optimism, and good luck. These plants are said to bring prosperity and success to those who grow them.

Purple Camellias

Purple Camellias are mostly associated with royalty and nobility. They are believed to bring strength, power, and protection to those who wear them.

Blue Camellias

Blue Camellias are thought to bring peace and tranquility to anyone who wears them. They are also said to help heal emotional wounds and bring happiness to others.

White-Pink Camellias

These come in a wide range of colors, including white, pink, orange, purple, and more. They are usually seen as symbols of love and romance.

How Can You Grow Your Own Camellia Flowers?

If you want to grow your own Camellia Flowers, you will need to make sure that you give them enough care and attention, so that they thrive. Although you can grow them indoors, they tend to grow much better outdoors.

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Try planting them in pots first, if you don’t have garden space available. Then, once they start growing, you can move them outside.

In Japanese culture, they grow these flowers using the Camellia japonica variety. The flowers are typically picked at the end of summer or early fall, but they can be harvested any time.

You should know that Camellias are very sensitive to cold weather. Make sure that you keep them in a controlled environment that isn’t too cold for them.

When it comes to watering them, these white flowers, amongst other colors, need to be watered every day. It is best to water them when the soil has dried out completely.

If the soil still has moisture, then it’s best to come back in a day or two to check again.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to Camellias, some people will prefer certain variations and colors of the plants compared to others.

The White Camellia is a frequent favorite amongst florists and other fans of the plant, however, there are so many lovely colors throughout this flower species, that it’s so hard to pick just one!

This is why people tend to look into the flowers’ meanings and symbolism so that they can form an emotional connection with the flowers, and understand them on a personal level.

Next time you see some Camellia plants, keep your eye out and remember some of the positive connotations that they bring to so many people’s lives.

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