Forget Me Not Flower: Meaning and Symbolism

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Many people believe that each flower has symbolism and meaning. Certain flowers signify different things, and can be used in art and literature to provide meaning and understanding, or can be offered as gifts to show various emotions and feelings.

As a result, when you give a bouquet of flowers, you should be aware of what each flower means so that they can represent what you are feeling, and the emotions that you are trying to convey.

One of the flowers that is steeped in deep meaning is the Forget Me Not, which has had lots of symbolism that dates back centuries. So, what is the Forget Me Not, and what does it mean?

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What is a Forget Me Not?

Forget Me Nots are beautiful, and pretty flowers called Myosotis scorpioides. These flowers grow on very tall, hairy stems and have five petaled blue and yellow blooms that flower from May to October.

In the wild, Forget Me Nots can often grow near streams, brooks, rivers and other bodies of water as they love the high humidity and moisture to survive.

The Forget Me Not got its name from the German word ‘vergissmichnicht’ which actually means forget me not.

Most of the tales, legends and stories about the Forget Me Not came from German mythology, history and culture, and so it comes as no surprise that it’s original name would stem from there.

What does the Forget Me Not flower mean?

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If you want to choose the right flower to give as a gift to somebody, then you need to know the specific meaning behind them.

So, what does a Forget Me Not mean? Well, the Forget Me Not can represent true love. Giving this flower to someone can show how much you care about them, and how you truly feel and love them.

Forget Me Nots can also mean that you respect the person. Whilst roses are often the flower of choice to show you love someone, those flowers are often overdone.

Despite its small and delicate appearance, giving a Forget Me Not bouquet is a little different from the rose, and shows that you have a deeper love, connection and a stronger bond.

In addition, the Forget Me Not can mean that you will be truthful and faithful as it is a symbol of fidelity to the one that you love.

This can mean that you have no intention of hurting them, and you only want to care deeply for them. If you receive a Forget Me Not flower, then this means that that person loves, cherishes and respects you completely.

However, it often does not have to be in a romantic way. Forget Me Nots can often show how much you care, but can be given to a friend or family member. This can mean that you have a very deep connection, or a strong bond that cannot be broken.

Finally, the Forget Me Not is named as such because it can mean that you do not want someone to forget about you. This flower can be given as a reminder of someone important and special in your life that you must remember, care for and respect.

What does the Forget Me Not flower symbolize?

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The Forget Me Not has many meanings and symbols behind it, and these have been prevalent for decades. In Germany, the tales and legends from the 15th century said that if you wore this flower, you would not forget your lover.

In a similar way, during Victorian times, this flower often symbolized true love, and was worn as a signifier of powerful, enduring love.

Another tale from the Middle Ages tells of a knight, who strolled with his beloved near a river. The girl saw the beautiful blue flowers beside the shore and asked him to pick them for her, but as he stretched to reach them, he fell into the water and was unable to swim because of his armor.

As he sank, he grasped for the blue flower and exclaimed: ‘Do not forget me’ and so the flower is associated with a love that endures forever, and an unforgettable lover.

In addition to the tales behind the Forget Me Not, different color variations of the flower can symbolize different things.

For example, a white flower symbolizes purity, and innocence. It can be given to a young child, or used as wedding decorations.

On the other hand, pink Forget Me Nots can symbolize love, romance and emotion, and can show that you will never want to forget that person, and that you wish to sustain your bond and connection with them forever.

The most common color is blue, which symbolizes a deep trust and respect for a person. This is the main color that people imagine when they think about Forget Me Nots, and these flowers represent respecting and loving someone to the point where you never want to forget about them. They symbolize a long lasting, enduring love that will never die.


Forget Me Nots are beautiful flowers that brighten up any garden or space. But they are also flowers laden with history and meaning.

In many cultures, the Forget Me Not symbolizes deep love, trust and respect between two people. The old tales say that Forget Me Nots can be exchanged or worn to show that you have a deep connection with someone and a love that will never be forgotten.

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