Top 18 Common Mexican Flowers You Can Grow

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1. Dahlia


The Dahlia is one of the most iconic Mexican flowers, in part due to its reputation as the national flower of Mexico. They have stunning blossoms which are vibrant and full with a captivating interlocking petal arrangement. 

The flower has a very long history and has been used for many purposes throughout history. The Aztecs used the flower as a way to treat epilepsy, while they have also been used as a food source at various times in history. 

The flower is seen as a sign of someone who is loyal and who sticks to their beliefs, making it a popular emblem of independence and solidarity.

This is a flower that thrives in warm environments and enjoys moist soil. If things get too hot however the flower will struggle so some care must be taken to ensure they grow healthy and strong.

2. Yucca Flower

Yucca FlowerPin

The Yucca plant is a very robust and popular plant that has a very large number of recognized subspecies. This means that you’ll almost certainly be able to find a version that works in your home or garden, depending on your space requirements and layout.

The Yucca is actually succulent, that has fairly dense spiky leaves that spread and can become quite large. Some of the variants have spiny leaves which can be quite sharp.

The flowers bloom in the summer and form large white clusters which sit beautifully on the lush backdrop of their sprawling leaves.

While this is a flower that’s most accustomed to dry and warm climates, there are some variants that are able to survive down to 0F, which may be something to consider if you’re in a colder location. 

Used for various cosmetic and medical purposes, this plant is beautiful, fragrant, and versatile.

3. Mexican Poppy

Mexican PoppyPin

The Mexican Poppy is a relatively small and interesting-looking flower, with spiked leaves and a relatively thick and sturdy stem.

The flowers appear in various shades of yellow as well as white. In Mexico, the flower often symbolizes sleep and peacefulness and is often grown and picked for its medicinal uses.

4. Mexican Passion Flower

Mexican Passion FlowerPin

This is one of the most visually striking flowers in this list, with a very unique appearance. It also has a strong odor that some may find slightly strong for indoor placement.

The flower itself has bilobed leaves and can be found in various colors, from greens and reds to purples and yellows as well as other combinations.

The flower can produce passion fruit which is a big appeal for fruit lovers, however, the quality of the fruit will depend on how well looked after the plant is. In Mexico, this plant is often used to represent the crucifixion of Christ.

5. Poinsettia


The poinsettia is one of the most famous and iconic Mexican flowers, and its lush red flowers are incredibly striking and beautiful. This flower has associations with Christmas, and it is thought to represent the Star of Bethlehem. 

It’s a flower that works well in displays but that also has applications in medical research and as a dye.

6. Mexican Marigold

Mexican MarigoldPin

The marigold is a very popular flower in Mexico where it represents sadness and grief. The flower comes in warm colors (deep orange being most popular) and is often featured in funeral displays as well as the famous Day of the Dead national holiday.

The flowers are used during this 3-day festival to welcome spirits and remember ancestors.

The ruffled petals are soft and vibrant and resemble rosettes which may be part of their popularity for displaying at events and celebrations.

7. Sword Lily

Sword LilyPin

The sword lily is a very pretty flower with gentle pink and white blossoms in a fairly tall, upright posture. It’s a flower that is synonymous with sympathy and happy memories and is used in the Day of the Dead festival extensively with these connotations in mind.

It also comes in reds and yellows and its swordlike shape is represented in its Latin name which is gladiolus, a word derived from the Latin word gladius which is the famous name of the ancient Roman sword.

8. Mexican Morning Glory

Mexican Morning GloryPin

Morning glory is a flower that blossoms in somber blues from a soft bed of green leaves. Typically these flowers only blossom after rain and tend to open in earlier parts of the morning. The blossoms are soft and delicate and form the shape of a trumpet.

The flower is commonly used to represent lost or unrequited love which may be tied to its association with rainfall.

9. Mexican Hat Flower

Mexican Hat FlowerPin

This is a strange flower that has a few leaves and petals and a long stalk. The flower is a perennial and distributed widely in America, particularly on the vast prairies. 

While is mainly used for its striking decorative effects, the flower has been used by some native peoples to induce vomiting.

10. Pineapple Sage

Pinapple SagePin

Pineapple sage is a flower that covers a fairly large area. Its flowers tend to be bright red and have a very appealing pineapple fragrance, hence the name.

The petals and leaves are often used in cooking, and the flower has associations with healing and vitality.

11. Laelia Orchid

Laelia OrchidPin

This flower has a very unique and striking shape, as well as stunning colors. The flower is often found in varying shades of purple and pink, with pristine white bases which helps the color to pop.

This plant thrives when grown in slightly shaded environments, and represents luxury and beauty.

12. Mexican Honeysuckle

Mexican HoneysucklePin

Honeysuckle is a plant known more for its beautiful fragrance. In Mexico, this plant represents happiness thanks to its vibrant orange flower.

It’s also a great flower for bees and butterflies.

13. Chocolate Cosmos

Chocolate CosmosPin

This flower comes in darker shades such as brown, dark red, and purple, and typically blooms in the summer. 

It is a flower that represents order and beauty, and has a light cocoa scent – however, it is an inedible plant unfit for any type of consumption.

14. Belize Sage

Belize SagePin

Belize sage is a red flower that has relatively small flowers. The vibrant colors of its blossoms mean that it represents vitality and healing, and it’s very popular thanks to its manageable size.

15. Bird of Paradise

Birds of ParadisePin

The name of this plant is derived from its odd shape, which looks very similar to an exotic bird soaring through the air. Sometimes these flowers are referred to as Crane Flowers.

Typically they bloom in the summer through to the fall and can grow to significant sizes in suitable conditions.

16. Mexican Frangipani

Mexican FrangipaniPin

The Frangipani has a very delicate and vivid flower with petals that are small but filled with color, from yellow to white and purple or pink. The flower has an ethereal quality so it’s unsurprising that it symbolizes ghosts and spirituality.

17. Mexican Lady’s Slipper

Mexican Ladys SlipperPin

This flower is quite common in Mexico and North America, coming in shades of green, pink, and white.

The flower is ornamental and is popular due to the fact that it blooms over a long period of time.

18. Mexican Sunflower

Mexican SunflowerPin

Last but certainly not least we have the Mexican Sunflower, one of the most popular flowers from this part of the world. 

The flower blooms in vibrant shades of red, yellow, and orange and it grows very quickly, with a single shrub displaying many flowers. They are also natural reseeders.

The flower itself resembles a daisy and is typically associated with loyalty and faith.

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