History and Meaning of Red Roses

History and Meaning of Red Roses
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The History of Red Roses

Roses have come to play an important part in expressing ourselves. In the 16th century, a unique language was created using roses.

They served as a means of communication between wannabe lovers who were forced to keep their feelings a secret like what we see in William Shakespeare’s famous play Romeo and Juliet. There is a classic scene where Juliet says to Romeo “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” meaning that Romeo’s last name did not affect her love for him.

The red rose is hands down the most popular rose in the world, if not, one of the most popular flowers known to man. It has come to be a universal symbol of love.

Red roses have been a staple throughout the arts. We have celebrated the beauty of red roses in our most classic poetry, artwork, films and more.  Going back to one of our most famous works of literature, Alice in Wonderland, the card “soldiers” are depicted to have lost their heads for painting white roses red. In present times, every little girl who has enjoyed the movie, The Beauty and the Beast can remember that sparkly, single rose encased in glass.


The Meanings and Symbolism OF Red Roses

You can’t go out in public on Valentine’s Day without coming across the classic staple of love – the beautiful red rose!

This famous flower conveys deep emotions on a large scale.  Red roses are used to express profound love, passion, and admiration.

On the opposite of the spectrum, we see red roses used during grieving times, at funerals, wakes and more. It is a beautiful way to express respect, admiration, and gratitude.

The symbolism and meaning behind the red rose has grown as our celebration and appreciation of this famous flower has increased with time. We love red roses so much, that one, single rose is sufficient to show genuine love.  If you think that red roses might be a bit too romantic, consider sending pink roses instead.

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