History and Meaning of White Roses

History and Meaning of White Roses
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The History of White Roses

The white rose is one of the most versatile roses as it is a neutral color. Throughout time, we have seen white roses used to express love, politics, peace, and more.

In 1942, a non-violent resistance group in Nazi Germany was created and led by a group of students and a professor from the University of Munich. This group was called The White Rose. They denounced the unfair and violent Nazi regime.

There is a popular legend told throughout time about the white rose. It describes the white rose as being the first rose in existence. It is said that the white rose somehow was tainted by blood, turning it red. And after that, the many other variations came to be.


The Meanings and Symbolism Found In White Roses

As said before, the white rose is the most versatile rose. With a white rose, one is able to convey romance, appreciation, compassion and purity. It is the perfect flower to combine with any other flower therefore it is used often in bouquets and arrangements.

White roses have come to be a popular, if not the most popular flower choice for weddings. The color promotes thoughts of unity, sincerity and virtue during this important celebration.

If you need a touch of class and sophistication in your home, white roses are the go-to-flower to express this in any setting.


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