Poppy Flower Meaning And Symbolism

Poppy flower meaning and symbolism

The poppy is widely distributed throughout England and certain areas of Scotland, but even if you’ve never seen a poppy in person, you probably have an inkling of some of this flower’s symbolic meaning.  In addition to being a strikingly beautiful, aromatic flower with medicinal properties, the poppy is a plant steeped in symbolism. From …

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Top 18 Common Mexican Flowers You Can Grow


1. Dahlia The Dahlia is one of the most iconic Mexican flowers, in part due to its reputation as the national flower of Mexico. They have stunning blossoms which are vibrant and full with a captivating interlocking petal arrangement.  The flower has a very long history and has been used for many purposes throughout history. …

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10 Best Types Of Cactus Plants For Home And Gardens

Feather Cactus

For those who are wanting to start gardening but haven’t been too successful in the past or wanting an easier start, a cactus is the best route to go down. With their lovely appearance and unique maintenance that makes them incredibly easy to care for, purchasing a cactus will help to open your eyes to …

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