Dahlia Flower Meaning and Symbolism

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Dahlia’s are a gorgeous flower.

They’re used in gardens to increase the beauty, and they make an excellent addition to any landscaping garden.

Dahlias are also a very popular flower to have individually or as part of a bouquet of flowers.

They add body to bouquets due to their wonderful multi-layered petals, and they are the type of flower which is immediately striking. 

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If you want to learn more about this fantastic flower, then keep reading! 

What Do Dahlias Symbolize?

Dahlias have been used for symbolizing purposes for centuries. During the Victorian era, it was common practice to give a dahlia to signify a lasting bond or a commitment.

This is a common romantic flower, and also a flower used to gift those who were married or getting married.

The dahlia was a symbolic flower for eternal love and was a flower gifted to show appreciation to another. 

In the modern-day, the dahlia is less commonly used to symbolize commitment, but it still can be gifted to symbolize a commitment to a person or an idea. 

The more popular symbolism of this flower is now of grace. It is a flower that one would give to another in times of pressure, to symbolize the inner strength of that person. It can be a flower used to symbolize life changes and is often used in positive situations, too.

Dahlias are also considered to be a flower that symbolizes diversity. This is because the petals are multilayered, and are symbolic of all the diversity that exists within the world. No matter what the petal looks like, it fits perfectly with the flower. 

Dahlias are also the birth flower for August and November. They are also the national flower of Mexico.  

What Do Different Dahlia Colors Mean?

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There is a range of colors that the dahlia flower can be. 

Color has a huge influence on emotion and how we understand the world. This means that when you give someone a flower, the color of the flower also has significance. This is especially true for dahlias. 

What Does A Red Dahlia Mean?

A red dahlia is a beautiful flower. If you choose to give someone a red dahlia, then this will mean that you care deeply for them.

This shade is used to symbolize strength and power. It can be used to show the strength and power of the individual, or signify a commitment.  

What Does A Pink Dahlia Mean?

Pink dahlias do not convey the same message, so you should be careful when selecting the color. 

Pink dahlias convey grace and kindness. It is a color that reflects femininity, but it is also a very gentle color. It is a good color to give to anyone in your life, as it can mean different things, depending on who you give it to.

If you give a pink dahlia to your partner, it can signify romance and joy, as pink can be associated with romance. However, If you give a pink dahlia to a friend or family member, it can convey kindness and a sense of grace. 

Does A White Dahlia Symbolize?

White flowers, including dahlias, symbolize purity and focus. 

They can also be used to show faith, goodness, and religious purposes. It is a very clean color, so white dahlias are used to show that someone has a clean and good soul. 

White dahlias are a good flower to send anyone, as they are very neutral, but they have a very honorable meaning.

They show that you think someone is a good person. They are especially good to send to religious people during times of stress, as it shows that they have a good soul. 

What Does A Purple Dahlia Symbolize? 

The purple dahlia symbolizes royalty and dignity. It can also symbolize grace.

It has a very similar symbolic meaning to pink dahlias. Some people prefer to send purple dahlias instead of pink dahlias because the color pink can sometimes be used to symbolize romance. 

As purple dahlias can symbolize royalty and dignity, they are usually gifted to someone you respect.  

What Is The Cultural Significance Of A Dahlia?

Dahlias, known as the birth flower for both August and November. This means it is very common to give someone a dahlia in the months of August, and November. 

Dahlias are also the national flower of Mexico. It is very common to see dahlias grow all across the wild areas of Mexico. The flower thrives in mountainous valleys and grows very well in the mild weather of spring and summer. 

What Is the Symbolism Of A Dahlia Tattoo?

Dahlias have long been connected to love and passion. This is why there are many tattoos of dahlias around the world.

Dahlias are seen as symbols of love and are often tattooed onto women’s bodies. They are less common than roses, which makes them a great option to symbolize femininity or self-love.

Dahlia tattoos are also known to symbolize change. This means that someone might get a tattoo of a dahlia when they are going through a change in their life. It symbolizes their inner strength and inner beauty and reminds them they can overcome any obstacles.   

When Should You Give Someone A Dahlia?

You should give someone a dahlia if they are going through a period of change, or to show a commitment. 

When someone is going through a stressful period, or a period of transformation, dahlias can be given to show you believe in their strength and their good soul. 

You can also give someone a dahlia to symbolize your commitment to them, especially if you do not want to give them a rose. 

Dahlias can be toxic, so you should avoid giving them to someone who has pets, such as dogs and cats. This is because if these animals consume the plant, it can make them very ill. Humans should also avoid eating the plant. 


Dahlia is a beautiful flower with a lot of symbolism behind it. It is a very popular flower and can be used to symbolize many things. When sending flowers to someone, you should consider what kind of message you would like, and then choose the color which best suits the situation. 

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