Hibiscus Flower Meaning And Symbolism

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Many people around the world believe that different flowers symbolize different meanings and feelings. For example, the rose represents love, while the sunflower symbolizes hope.

Some flowers like these represent good things, whereas others can represent bad feelings.

The poppy means death, but it also represents a feeling of peace when you are in need of comfort.

The hibiscus flower is one of those flowers that has many different meanings. But what does it mean and what does it symbolize?

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Different Types Of Hibiscus

There are many different types of hibiscus flowers and they come in all sorts of colors.

They have been used for centuries to decorate homes and gardens because of their bright colors and presentability. Hibiscus flowers forms are frequently seen in the three following variations.

Single-Flowered Hibiscus Flowers

These are the most common type of hibiscus flowers. These are usually red or pink in color and grow on tall stalks. Single-flowered hibiscus flowers can often grow to around 10 inches high.

Much like other flowers, they flourish when given a good balance of direct sunlight and water to match.

Double-Flowered Hibiscuses

These are slightly larger than single-flowered hibiscus flowers.

They may be white, yellow, orange, or even purple in color. Because of their color versatility, they are frequently seen in paintings and gardens and often brighten up large areas because of their brightness.

Double-flowered hibiscuses usually grow to around 12 inches high, which is just taller than their single-flowered counterparts.

Triple-Flowered Hibiscus

This is the rarest variation of hibiscus. It grows much taller than the double-flowered variety but still comes in lots of different colors. These can include yellow, pink, orange, or even blue.

Triple-flowered hibiscus is usually found growing wild in tropical regions such as Hawaii and Australia. They usually reach heights of around 15 inches.

The Different Colors Of Hibiscus Flowers

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Not only do hibiscus flowers come in various sizes and shapes, but they also come in many different colors. Red, pink, and white are some of the more popular colors when picturing symbols and meanings.

The Symbolism Of Hibiscus Flower Colors

The hibiscus flower has many different meanings depending on what color you have in mind.

For example, if you see a hibiscus flower with a deep red color, then this could mean that someone is very passionate about something.

If you see a hibiscus flower with a light pink color, then this could signify that someone is happy and carefree.

White hibiscus flowers could mean that someone is pure and innocent. Yellow hibiscus flowers might indicate that someone is optimistic and cheerful.

And finally, a hibiscus with an orange color could mean that someone is energetic and full of life.

The General Meanings And Symbolisms Of Hibiscus Flowers

The flower itself has a lot of meaning and symbolism in general, however. These can include:

Love – When a person sees a hibiscus, he or she will likely think of love. This is because the flower looks similar to a heart shape.

Hope – A person who sees a hibiscus flower will probably get a feeling of hope or optimism because of the flowers’ bright colors.

Happiness – Someone who sees a hibiscus will feel happiness and joy because of its vibrant colors, similar to the way they might feel hope because of these colors and shapes.

Love at First Sight – The hibiscus flower is also known as the “love at first sight” flower.

This is because it is believed that people fall in love with each other after seeing the same kind of hibiscus for the first time. This comes from the fact that the flower resembles a heart shape.

Longevity – People who see a hibiscus flower will likely think that it represents longevity. This is because the plant itself is long-lasting and lives for years.

How Long Do Hibiscus Flowers Live For?

A Hibiscus flower can last up to five years. However, most plants will die within two years.

If you want your own hibiscus plant to live longer, then you need to make sure that they have access to direct sunlight and a good amount of water.

Flowers, like other living things, thrive off of vitamins and minerals, which they find through the water.

Finding a balance between overfeeding and underfeeding your flower is essential, as either of them could end up in the death of the plant.

You should water your hibiscus plant every week, but not too often. Watering once a week is enough.

Be careful not to overwater your plant, as this can cause the roots to rot. Simply, place your finger into the soil surrounding the plant and check if it’s wet. If it is, then it’s too soon to water.

Final Thoughts

Hibiscus plants tend to have connotations and symbolism of good feelings like love, hope, and longevity.

These can be put down to their vibrant colors, heart-shaped presentation, and their long life expectancy.

Having one of these wonderful flowers in your home can be a lovely choice, just make sure you keep it nice and healthy!

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