How to Plant and Grow Dipterocarpus (Apitong)

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Dipterocarpus, one of the largest flowering plants in the Dipterocarpaceae family, is primarily known for apitong lumber. In addition, it’s also known for being used in herbal traditional medicine. In total, there are close to 70 of these species that you can find in Southeast Asia.



How to Plant and Grow Dipterocarpus

Dipterocarpus alatus

It is best to grow this plant in an area where the temperatures during the daytime are between 22 celsius and 32 celsius.  Dipterocarpus alatus has been known to withstand temperatures that are as low as 10 Celsius and are as high as 36 celsius. Please note that this plant will not be able to sustain itself at 5 Celcius.

Rain is preferred between 1,100 millimeters up to 2,200 millimeters. When the plant is young, it is said to withstand shade for many years. As the tree begins to age, it will require more light. Dipterocarpus alatus also prefers alluvial soil.


Dipterocarpus tempehes

Like Alatus, Tempehes thrives in the shade when it’s young, but will require more light as it ages. Its preference is a moderate amount of water, and it is found most commonly among clay soils.


Dipterocarpus intricatus

Intricatus enjoys a season that is dry from 3 to 6 months. Like the previous two, it thrives in shade when young,  and needs more light to flourish as they age. It prefers ferralitic or friable soil that is sandy. After they reach more than 47 inches, an open canopy can encourage them to grow faster.


Dipterocarpus dyeri

Dyeri will also become more demanding of light as they age. They seem to thrive on brown and grey soils where the rainwater has not fully drained. An open canopy can also help them grow at a faster rate.


Types & varieties

  • Dipterocarpus acutangulus
  • Dipterocarpus alatus
  • Dipterocarpus apitong
  • Dipterocarpus applanatus
  • Dipterocarpus baudii
  • Dipterocarpus borneensis
  • Dipterocarpus bourdilloni
  • Dipterocarpus caudatus
  • Dipterocarpus caudiferus
  • Dipterocarpus chartaceus
  • Dipterocarpus cinereus
  • Dipterocarpus concavus
  • Dipterocarpus condorensis
  • Dipterocarpus confertus
  • Dipterocarpus conformis
  • Dipterocarpus coriaceus
  • Dipterocarpus cornutus
  • Dipterocarpus costatus
  • Dipterocarpus costulatus
  • Dipterocarpus crinitus
  • Dipterocarpus cuspidatus
  • Dipterocarpus dyeri
  • Dipterocarpus elongatus
  • Dipterocarpus eurynchus
  • Dipterocarpus fagineus
  • Dipterocarpus fusiformis
  • Dipterocarpus geniculatus
  • Dipterocarpus glabrigemmatus
  • Dipterocarpus glandulosus
  • Dipterocarpus globosus
  • Dipterocarpus gracilis
  • Dipterocarpus grandiflorus
  • Dipterocarpus hasseltii
  • Dipterocarpus hispidus
  • Dipterocarpus humeratus
  • Dipterocarpus indicus
  • Dipterocarpus insignis
  • Dipterocarpus intricatus
  • Dipterocarpus kerrii, the wood is sold as keruing timber
  • Dipterocarpus kunstleri
  • Dipterocarpus lamellatus
  • Dipterocarpus littoralis
  • Dipterocarpus lowii
  • Dipterocarpus megacarpus
  • Dipterocarpus mundus
  • Dipterocarpus nudus
  • Dipterocarpus oblongifolius
  • Dipterocarpus obtusifolius
  • Dipterocarpus ochraceus
  • Dipterocarpus orbicularis
  • Dipterocarpus pachyphyllus
  • Dipterocarpus palembanicus
  • Dipterocarpus perakensis
  • Dipterocarpud pseudocornutus
  • Dipterocarpus retusus
  • Dipterocarpus rigidus
  • Dipterocarpus rotundifolius
  • Dipterocarpus sarawakensis
  • Dipterocarpus semivestitus
  • Dipterocarpus stellatus
  • Dipterocarpus sublamellatus
  • Dipterocarpus tempehes
  • Dipterocarpus tuberculatus
  • Dipterocarpus turbinatus
  • Dipterocarpus validus
  • Dipterocarpus verrucosus
  • Dipterocarpus zeylanicus




Where do apitong trees grow?

Apitong trees grow in the Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam as well as in the country of Cambodia.
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How hard is apitong wood?

Apitong is a fine grained hardwood.

Is apitong wood toxic?

Apitong wood is not known to be toxic at all.

What is the scientific name of apitong?

The scientific name of apitong is Dipterocarpus alatus.


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